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Group 1 Vocabulary Flash Cards

These approx 400 Vocabulary Words are for 10 different categories: Animals, Clothing, Colors, Foods, Home, People, Places, Shapes, Vehicles and Verbs. The manual sign is on one side & the printed word is on the other side of 4x6 cards. Limited quantities


Group 2 Vocabulary Flash Cards

This group of flash cards contains approx. 200 Dolch Basic Sight Vocabulary words which make up a great part of English sentence structure: i.e. pronouns, prepositions, articles, etc. The manual sign is on one side and the printed word on the other side.


Groups 1 & 2 Vocabulary Flash Cards

Groups 1 & 2 Flash Cards. Combining Groups 1 & 2 makes it possible to create complete sentences. i.e. I like popcorn. Groups 1 & 2: Approx. 600 Flash Cards including 200 Dolch Basic Sight Vocabulary words. For this Clearance Sale, a few cards fr


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