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Group 2 Vocabulary Flash Cards
Product ID #: 403   -  Ship Wt: 6 LBS..

GROUP 2 VOCABULARY FLASH CARDS Group 2 consists of approx. 200 Dolch Basic Sight Vocabulary Words on durable 4" x 6" cards with the manual sign on one side and the printed word on the opposite side. These words comprise two-thirds of words used in primary level reading books, 55% in grades 3rd through 9th, over 50% used in adult reading materials, and makeup a great part of English sentence structure; i.e. the, it, is, but, into, because, etc. These cards will enable you to create complete sentences by combining cards with Group 1 flash cards. For this Clearance Sale, a few cards from the original numbered set are missing but one can use a Free 1 Day Trial of the On-Line Dictionary to complete the set.

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