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Be Happy Not Sad-This is a full color interactive storybook where you meet Cami and Zaper who help children understand hard to explain emotions. There are sign language illustrations for every word, the descriptions of how to make every sign are in the glossary. These signs are easy to learn. Be Happy Not Sad Coloring Workbook- Briefly reviews signing and then involves children in mazes, drawing, coloring, counting, writing, and reasoning. Interactive questions are given to reinforce the concepts of happiness and sadness. ($7.50 for both books) Learn and Color Sign Number with Handy and Mandy-Mandy helps Handy teach manual and written sign language. In this book you will be able to learn numbers, signs of objects, how to correctly sign the number and object, and color. In all, you will learn a total of 50 signs! ($6.00) ABC's of Finger Spelling-Handy helps teach upper and lower case letters of the alphabet. Not only will you learn the alphabet, but you will learn how to sign the letter and spell a word that may begin with that letter.(Example: A for A-P-P-L-E and you get to color the apple!) You also, get to color the fun pages too! ($6.00) The Little Green Monster (A Talking Fingers Book)-This storybook features Becky and Barry, two playful little bears who keep you in suspense! This book has beautiful pictures and easy follow along signing illustrations that help you throughout the story line! The book has a back page for coloring, a glossary of signs from the story, and manual alphabet! Great book for story time! ($6.00) At Grandma's House (A Talking Fingers Book)-A storybook filled with pictures, signs and printed words telling the tale of April, a cuddly little rabbit who loves to play with her beloved Grandma. Includes a back page for coloring, glossary of signs from the story and manual alphabet. ($6.00)

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